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School Closings Announcements

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WLKZ 105
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  School Closing Procedures

The safety and security of all students is of paramount importance to us. The following provides you with the emergency procedures the district will follow for this school year. Please keep in mind in times of inclement weather, even though schools may be in session it is always the parents' decision to send or not to send their children to school.

A number of options are used and may be employed by the district depending on the situation.  The early dismissal option will be used with great care and only when all other options have been explored. If an extreme emergency requires students to remain after the school day, an emergency team comprised of the principal and designated staff will monitor the students until previously approved persons arrive to pick them up.

We appreciate your support and cooperation in an effort to ensure the utmost safety for your children in an emergency.

Michael J. Martin
Superintendent of Schools

The following options may be used for emergency conditions.

 MVSD Schools Are Closed

All schools will be closed for the day.  All meetings, field trips, after-school activities will be canceled for the day.
 MVSD Schools Open - 2 Hour Delay

There will be no AM Kindergarten

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